The Dreamers' School

Start Your Own!

Start your own Dreamers’ school!


The Dreamers’ School is not just a school. It is a MOVEMENT.

Do you love everything about The Dreamers’ School, but don’t have one near you? We invite you to explore the idea of opening one in your community.

We receive a handful of requests each week about helping to start a program similar to The Dreamers' School, and it's so wonderful to see how many people are drawn to this type of education and enrichment!

At this time, Sarah offers consulting time with folks who are interested in starting a sister-school. Her consultation fee is $70 per hour. We dive into the details and step-by-step actions needed to start and run the program including start up costs, legal registration, insurance, budget, curriculum, and teachers. 

If you are able to come to the Waldorf Homeschool Conference, Sarah hosts a workshop on starting Waldorf-inspired programs for homeschoolers.